Beyonders: Living Beyond Boundaries

We all live defined by artificial boundaries: boundaries created by gender, 
social class, religion, culture, and country, etc. 

At Beyonder Times we strive to look beyond these constraints and to show people 
our commonality, rather than our differences.

Globalization is inevitable.
We believe that Taiwan, even as an island country, cannot stay out of this trend.

Gradually, we will find that there are more and more foreigners around us, from multiple countries and with different skin colors.

Our children will have more classmates who have “foreign faces”.
Our economy will need more international talent to increase the diversity of our startup scene.

Undoubtedly, if we, as residents of this island country, don’t become more open-minded, don’t embrace different cultures, don’t speak foreign languages, it will be hard for us to survive and prosper in a globalized world.


Meanwhile, we know that there are already some international entrepreneurs and artists chasing their dreams in Taiwan.

Shouldn’t we know more about their stories and connect ourselves with them, while we are struggling to become more “international”?

So, we decided to travel Taiwan to find these international talents and collect their stories.


We call them Beyonders. People who are not afraid of cultural differences and language barriers, and always move towards their own goals determinedly, even in foreign countries.

Hopefully the Beyonder stories demonstrate how people can live beyond geographical and cultural boundaries. We believe that identity based on nationality will not be a priority in the future. Increasingly societies will have to focus on issues concerning global citizens, such as human rights, environmental protection, resource allocation, etc.

Faster than we think, we will all need to be Beyonders to thrive in a connected world. This is the future we believe in, the future we dream of, and the future we have to create from now on.


Let’s Go International, Go Beyond! — May 2016


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